October 12, 2015

Content Marketing and Blogging


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“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star.

Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.”

Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute


Content Marketing and Blogging are closely allied marketing channels that offer the opportunity to dramatically increase traffic and leads to your business.

Google particularly places great store by content that is relevant, detailed, authoritative and of interest to your target audience. The concept however is far from new. Companies have been publishing brochures, white papers, studies and research for years. The main difference in the internet era is that all these media types can now be delivered online, and re-used across multiple channels in many different ways. Every new thing that you do as a business should be exploited across as many channels, and to as many of your different target audiences as possible.

Take an example of your Startup’s new product launch. We can take the details of the product and use it in the launch press release. The press release can then be re-purposed for a LinkedIn post to the industry groups you are following, and promoted through Twitter to the communities of interest following your industry. Then there is the Slideshare presentation on the features and benefits of the new product, thought leadership pieces on the impact your product will have for customers, high resolution product images for sharing on your website, blog and company pages on Google+ and LinkedIn. Video interviews with the designer, product engineer and CEO can be posted on your YouTube channel and embedded on your website. The list of channels and ways to re-purpose content is endless – but a clear strategy is essential to ensure maximum coverage but with consistency and clarity.

Closely allied to the concept of content marketing is blogging. The key difference between a website and a blog is that a website is a repository of generally static content, whilst a Blog is regularly updated with new content:

  • Blogging is not just having its 15 minutes of fame – it’s a tried and true marketing method
  • Blogging improves SEO

  • Blogging can help establishes your industry expertise and thought leadership

  • Blogging humanises your company and increases consumer trust

  • Blog posts increase long term traffic to your site

Blogging and developing content, together with promoting it, is a time consuming business and requires consistency. In time, your own marketing team will be doing this for you, but until then we can help to take on the heavy lifting, while you focus on building your company. Take a look at our Marketing Insights page to read some cracking articles from industry experts on content marketing and blogging.