October 10, 2015

Launch Marketing

Launch marketing is all about ensuring that when you are finally ready to present your company to the waiting public, you launch it in the most effective and impactful way possible, given your budget.

Launching any new tech business or start-up is difficult, but with the vast number of recent start-ups, actually getting noticed in your particular field is ever more challenging. It’s for this reason that effective marketing, and particularly online marketing is crucial in getting your start-up the profile it deserves. Nowadays, when anyone comes across your company, product or service they will head online to find out more, so the creation of a social footprint prior to launch is essential.

Effective marketing starts with effective planning. You must make the market aware of your business if you’re going to succeed in making sales straight away – and your marketing plan should lay out precisely how you are going to do it.

Marketing is a very broad topic so it’s often helpful to break it down into the types of media that are important to you. These are media that you own (such as your web site), media that you earn (such as positive PR), and media that you pay for (Adwords campaigns for example).  As a Start-up, you will almost certainly have a limited marketing budget, so getting the right balance between owned, earned and paid for media is crucial – and each Start-up will require a different mix.

Launch planning is a core expertise of ours and we can help you to develop and implement a marketing plan that will make the most of your limited budget and give you the best possible chance of a successful launch.

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