December 3, 2015

Marketing Videos

Animated Explainer Videos can help simplify complex ideas and processes - Marketing4Startups Elmbridge Video

Animated Explainer Videos

In the last few years technology has advanced to the point where animated explainer videos are now cheap and quick to produce. They can be used for all sorts of purposes, from pitching your business idea to investors to explaining complex concepts or processes in simple terms. They generally cost in the mid hundreds of pounds, compared to traditional videos which come in at the low thousands, and can take around two weeks to produce. Music and a voice-over artist often comes as part of the Explainer Video package.

Motion Graphics Videos

Motion Graphics Videos are the next step up in sophistication and provide a colour cartoon style that can be customised to your brand look and feel. Generally costing less than £1,000 these videos make a great impact at an affordable cost:

Hi and Wow!
The animation is absolutely fantastic! Thank you for putting this together, it really will make the meeting so much more interesting and engaging, which is just what we need for such an important issue.”

We’ve done more than a few videos in our time and have built up a sound knowledge of what type of video works for which requirement.

In terms of timing, about a minute to a minute and a half is about right. Too long and you will bore your audience, too short and you won’t be able to capture the essence of your idea. We also suggest that we write the script for you. Unlike the rest of the web, this is a case where less is more. We will ask you to write down in detail what it is you want to explain and we will then filter, cut, crop, tweak and simplify your words so that the resulting script is no more than a couple of hundred finely crafted words.

You Film It – We Edit It!

Sometimes, the budget isn’t available to commission a company to film and edit your entire video, so we have teamed up with our friends at The Creative Colony in Kingston to offer you professional standard cameras and filming equipment for you to use in creating your own film.

The team at Creative Colony will then edit your video and set it to music, giving you a professionally produced video, yet using your own creative filming. Costs start from around £600 for a single camera and tripod.

Do give us a call if you think this might be for you and we can explain in more detail.